Influencer Marketing and Social Analytics

Connecting Brands & Creators Through Cutting-Edge Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Our expansive network of brands and creators, coupled with a powerful social analytics platform allows Syft to curate and execute impactful, data-driven media campaigns at scale.

Our Network

Our Network

About Syft

We believe in empowering creators & connecting brands with their desired audience!

Our platform helps you grow, and gives you the real time analytics that you need to be successful in the digital age.

  • Based in Los Angeles

  • Network of 3,000+ Creators.

  • 1.5+ Billion followers.

  • 5+ Years of Industry Expertise

What We Do


Influencer Marketing Strategy

Syft works with Brands to first develop the strategy behind influencer campaigns based on business needs and current opportunity in the digital marketplace.

Content Creation

Once the strategy behind a campaign is set, Syft is able to leverage it's network of creators to develop high-quality, relevant content for distribution across channels.

Campaign Management

By tapping into our proprietary analytics platform, Syft delivers real-time insights based on campaign performance and potential optimizations.

Social Media Amplification

Regardless of the platform, Syft's roots are in social media and our network of creators allows for scalable, targeted promotions.


Social Media Monetization

Don’t settle for less. Syft will work with you to ensure the proper monetization of your social presence across platforms.

Artist Promotion

We work closely with major labels and production companies* to not only produce music but heavily promote our artists’ music through channels like TikTok and Spotify.

Brand Deal Management

When you sign-on with Syft as a creator, we connect you with leading brands that are constantly looking to tap into our network with exclusive deals.

How We Do It
The Syft Platform
We’re able to support these services and manage campaigns through a proprietary social media analytics platform, delivering ​valuable insights for brands and creators in an easily navigable dashboard.

Platform features

The Syft platform aggregates data on thousands of content creators and allows brands to easily identify those that will resonate with their target audience.

Creator Manager

Once you've identified a creator that resonates with your brand, use creator manager to get in touch, negotiate pricing, and add them as contributors to your campaign.

Campaign Manager

Campaigns can be easily built and managed in the Syft platform with robust performance analytics that allow for real-time optimizations.

Analytics Overview

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